Three talks, many thoughts

I am adding videos of three talks that I have given that cover the main bases of the work that I do on esports.

First up is a talk from earlier this year at the InfoSocial conference. This talk is an earlier iteration of my ethnographic exploration of Dota 2 and Rocket League casters, what they do, how they do it, and how they learn their skills. This conference was one of my favorite conferences to attend, it was really well run and I got a ton of incredibly useful feedback from students and faculty alike.

This was one of the most successful iterations of this stage of my work and I love how well it was received.

This past week I have been in sunny southern California for the UCI Esports Conference. This was an amazing experience for myself and the rest of the crew from IU that came out for the conference. I am actively on the job market and getting a chance to speak with and network with all of these folks was amazing.

One of the two presentations that I gave was about esports spectator modes, myself and my colleagues took a survey of 20 different esports games and looked into their spectator modes. These modes are vitally important for aspiring esports casters to get a chance to practice their craft, as well as for regular players who want to watch the game for a variety of reasons.

Just before this presentation I also gave another presentation about toxicity in esports. I will note that this presentation I use coarse language. This is intentional. Toxic behavior is not sugar coated when I experience it as a player of Dota 2, so I will not sugar coat it when I report on it. This video is a small part of a larger project that will also be presented in a few weeks at the International Symposium on Digital Ethics. Once we give the second presentation we will hold our own lecture where we give the work the full reign of time that it deserves, since 15-20 minutes is not enough.

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