Dota 2 Casting – Echo League Team No Pango Vs. Team OOOOOOO

Last night I had the opportunity to cast an best of two match of Dota 2 between Team No Pango vs Team OOOOOOOO. They were playing in Echo League and this was the last week of best of two matches to figure out seedings and who advances to the playoffs which start in January.

Game 1

Game one we had to cast from the ticket instead of from within the lobby due to a goof on my part. I forgot to get permission from the AI bot that runs the lobby so we were unable to join the game, but were able to get it all fixed for game two.

Game 2


As a participant observer of esports casting I would love any feedback on my casting. I am the analyst for these games so most of the play by play was done by my cocaster SeekNStrike who hosted the stream on his page (Go give him a follow hes a good guy!).



P.S. just got a note from BDC, the sniper in both games.

He said “…anyway, just wanted to tell you that i think you guys have been the best we’ve had so far” and “…idk who would care what i think, but you guys were unbiased, and pretty good about figuring out what the teams were trying to do. Especially the other team, because what they were doing made sense…”

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