Dota 2 Casting | From Creeps to Gods Vs. Surprise Bear! and Team OOOOOOOO vs. Six Foot Quintet

Here we have a replay commentary (so after the game way played, I went into the reply and cast it as if it were live) of another Echo League match.

Game 1

Game 2

Both of these games were cast with @yourpalchris and there were some technical difficulties (I accidentally closed the game at one point). However I think we can see there is a sound quality improvement here as I have upgraded my sound equipment.

I also did another cast for Team OOOOOOOO (Team 8 O’s… Team Oooo…. Team Oh? Team Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh? They won’t tell me, they think the struggle is funny!)

Game 1

I am available to cast upon request, and am also interested in any other voice over work that folks may have.



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